About GeoService

WebMoney GeoService is a geographic information system that integrates, stores and displays data about the location of WebMoney-related places (pre-paid card outlets, exchange offices, deposit terminals, ATMs, etc).

The system is based on the geographic data of around 12 thousand cities and towns in 92 countries worldwide. You can use WebMoney GeoService to:

  • Search for all methods to add funds into your WebMoney account available in your city or region
  • Search for and locate the city closest to you where you can add funds into your WebMoney account.
  • Use full-text searching to find any WebMoney-related places
  • Find brief information about all WebMoney-related places in your city or region
  • Find detailed information about WebMoney-related places in your city or region
  • Search for other WebMoney users in your city or region to get in touch with them
  • Display location of WebMoney-related places on the world map
  • Receive notifications about new WebMoney-related places in your city, region or country via WM Keeper messenger
  • Use your PDA, smartphone or cell phone to search for WebMoney-related places in your city. There is a wap site designed specifically for small mobile devices such as cell phones, PDA, etc. as well as for slow Internet connection users

WebMoney-related places:

  • Prepaid WM cards sales outlets where you can buy WM-cards of the following types: WMZ, WMR, WMU, WMY and WMB.
  • WM dealers – dealers from Bureau of Financial Guarantees company or Guarantee Agency
  • rendering services allowing you to add funds to your R or U wallets from bank accounts or by cash
  • Outlets allowing you to exchange cash into WM-units and add WM-units (WMR, WMU, WMY or WMB) into your WebMoney accounts — large automated systems (banks, money transfer systems, payment terminals, etc.)
  • WebMoney exchange services — WebMoney users (with personal passports or higher) registered in the Business and Finance category of the MegaStock catalogue wich allow the two-way exchange of WebMoney units into cash or bank wires
  • WebMoney verification agents issuing personal passports
  • WebMoney verification agents issuing initial passports
  • Post branch – Russian Post offices branches connected to the integrated system of postal money orders and Belorussian Post offices branches
  • WebMoney consultants – WebMoney users providing paid consultancy services about WebMoney system and registered with education.webmoney.ru
  • Websites registered in the MegaStock catalogue
  • Verified WebMoney users — WebMoney users with formal (or higher) passports who have opened their location information to public view

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